SDSS developments, what’s next?

SDSS Developments, what’s next?

2018 has been a busy time for SDSS in terms of technology. We are in the process of redeveloping our website & with the new GDPR regulation coming into effect we took the opportunity to implement a number of system improvements. Find out more about these changes and how we can use this knowledge to help you below:

A new and improved website

Our new website is currently in development and will be launched later this year. As well an improvement in overall design, accessibility and content this new site will will feature a access to our new database for Independent Support with improved search functions and a built in referral system, which will give more relevant results to anyone looking to access or find out more about self directed support organisations. Upon launch our current database for independent support will close.

Members are currently in the process of completing the new and improved renewal process which gives them direct control over the information needed for the new database, we hope that this will become a seamless process and keep the database up to date and highly relevant.

System developments

We have also been working hard to improve our internal systems so that we can improve our efficiency and offer members more:

  • We have moved away from a traditional shared drive and onto ‘the cloud’ our preferred choice being Microsoft Sharepoint. This allows us to manage our files more closely and has given us access to features that allow the team to work more flexibly.
  • We set up an internal database using Salesforce which means that we are able to track activities and communications so we can ensure we are delivering when it comes to providing information and support to members.
  • We developed a new Privacy Notice in line with our new systems and GDPR, so you know how we store and use your information.

How we can help members..

These changes have certainly been a learning curve for the SDSS team! We have all developed new skills and are happy to share what we have learnt with members. If there is anything we can help with (e.g if you are looking to develop a database) please contact Anna.

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