SILC’s Letter to the Human Rights Taskforce

As part of the Scottish Independent Living Coalition (SILC), we’re asking for the Co-Chairs of the National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership to build the principles of the United Nations General Comment 7,  a document that shows State Parties (Governments) what they need to do to recognise and support disabled people and Disabled People’s Organisations, into their new human rights framework for Scotland.

The Scottish Independent Living Coalition (SILC) is a coalition of the key strategic Disabled People’s Organisations in Scotland who work together to influence decision makers and service providers and to highlight what needs to change, why and how to do it working with disabled people to deliver our equal rights.

We support the letter sent to the Co-Chairs as it is vital that decisions are made that take account of disabled people’s experiences, expertise and for disabled people to enjoy the rights that we have.

Find out more and read the letter here.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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