Scottish Govt Consultation: Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their Families

Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their Families:

Scottish Government Consultation on a Resource for the Information Needs of children and families

In 2016 the Scottish Government set out a plan to make life better for disabled people in Scotland – this was called A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People.
Part of this plan was to make a special information resource for disabled children and young people.

The resource is meant to give people all the information they need to understand the law and find all the help and support options that are available across Scotland.
It is a first step towards putting all this information in one place and making it available and accessible to all.

This consultation will be one step towards developing a central, inclusive source of information that seeks to ease the pressure on families who have limited time and resources. Following the consultation, the content will be developed into a website and mobile app, which will aim to be accessible, inclusive and dynamic.

They want to give people clear accessible information on:

  • The law
  • What they are entitled to
  • Their rights
  • The different kinds of support they can get

There is a short section on SDS in the document and SDSS will be giving our views about what we think needs to be included around SDS. So for example, we would like to see information about the SDSS database for Independent SDS Information and Support Services across Scotland included – which many of our members have their details on already. However, it would be really useful to raise the importance and profile of SDS for children, young people and families by having more people take part in the Consultation.

The closing date is: 5th September 2018

You can go to the Consultation page on the Scottish Government website here

You can see a copy of the Full Consultation document is here

You can see the Easy Read Consultation document is here

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