Updated SDS standards published

A pen marks red ticks on a checklist

The Scottish Government’s framework of standards for the implementation of Self-directed Support have recently been updated to include a 12th standard. 

The standards are written specifically for local authorities, to provide them with an overarching structure for further implementation of the SDS approach and principles. 

They also provide Independent Support Organisations with a framework for understanding what individuals can ask for when it comes to SDS, and their rights.  

The 12th standard covers Access to Budgets and Flexibility of Spend, and states that “people are involved in the development of their budget and have maximum flexibility to use this in the way that they choose to achieve agreed outcomes. The available funding is allocated in a way that is transparent, fair, equitable and sufficient, across all communities and for all individuals.” 

You can find more detail about the standards and the new 12th standard on the Scottish Government website. 

Self Directed Support Scotland

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