Potential funding opportunity for members: Wee Grants for Wee Groups.

Wee Grants for Wee Groups

The Robertson Trust have recently launched a pilot grant ‘Wee Grants for Wee Groups’ which may interest SDSS members. The fund is available to both charities and constituted groups and is for funding of between £500 – £2000. The application process is fairly straightforward they don’t ask for any formal reporting after using the money.

The three main themes for the fund are:

·        Care and Wellbeing – Improving the quality of life for those affected by physical and/or mental health issues and their carers

·        Strengthening Communities – Increasing the ability and capacity of people and communities to create solutions which address local need

·        Realising Potential – Developing confidence and resilience in young people, particularly those who face barriers to success

Given the above themes, there is a lot of scope in terms of the kinds of activities they will be looking to support. They mention that the funding could be used to cover things such as:

·        sessional staff costs.

·        project costs, for example, activity costs, volunteer expenses, event costs and transport.

·        running costs such as rent, heating and lighting.

·        small capital refurbishment costs and equipment.

Application stages and timescales.

If you would like support from SDSS with your application let us know!

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