Welcome to our new SDSS Chief Executive

Donald Macleod

We are pleased to welcome Donald Macleod, our new SDSS Chief Executive, who joined us at the end of August (2020).  

Donald brings over 27 years of experience in social care, in a range of senior management and strategic roles. Having led Autism Network Scotland for five years, supporting the implementation of The Scottish Strategy for Autism in partnership with Scottish Government, he established his own successful Autism consultancy. 

Beginning his post, Donald said: 

“I am delighted to lead the Self Directed Support Scotland team as we emerge from this period which brings new challenges and opportunities to self-directed support and social care. Working collaboratively, with local authorities for example, my goal is to maximise the impact our membership can effect on influencing positive change. 

The experiences of our membership during the current pandemic brings a wealth of information and themes from which the members, decision makers and funders can develop a greater understanding of the issues facing those directing their own social care support. Working to build capacity amongst independent providers and local government stakeholders to deliver high quality information and support and, more than ever in such challenging times, working together are my key priorities.

SDSS continued to grow in September as our new Communications and Policy Manager, Michael Pillansjoined the team. You can find out more about Michael here 

Self Directed Support Scotland

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