Why become an SDSS member?

As we begin our membership renewal process and welcome new memberships, it’s important we know the importance of being a member of Self Directed Support Scotland.

Self-directed Support Scotland (SDSS) provide an opportunity for groups and organisations to come together to support each other in making SDS a reality for people across Scotland.

With peer support and a collective voice at the heart of what we do, our membership is vital in helping SDSS continue to grow as we campaign for the true implementation of Self-directed Support (SDS) throughout Scotland.

The focus and direction of our work reflects the needs and priorities of our membership in their role in supporting people across Scotland.

By joining SDSS as a member, you and/ or your organisation will be able to:

Learn more about SDS and social care in Scotland

Through a series of commissioned training and events, SDSS members are supported to develop their knowledge and understanding of SDS, human rights, social care policies and independent support organisations, to name a few. You can find a list of past training and events here.

Influence local and national projects and policies

SDSS works with national partners and our members to campaign for true implementation when it comes to social care delivery throughout Scotland. SDSS members will have access to a network of disabled people and disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) to help contribute to local and national projects and policies. Recent examples include the Independent Review of Adult Social Care and Social Work Scotland’s Standards for SDS.

Network and create contacts and opportunities  

The SDSS membership comes together at least twice a year with our AGM taking place in November and our SDS National Voice conference in March. We provide the opportunity for our members to share their current work and join the conversation around key developments in Scottish social care. With up to 200 people attending our events, members have access to a range of contacts including supported people and professionals from independent support organisations, local authorities and Scottish Government.

We also support the ongoing development of the SDS Collective and encourage people using social care services, carers and independent information and support organisations to take part and strengthen their work.

Access information and support

SDSS member organisations come from all areas of Scotland and each organisation is concerned with supporting the implementation and development of SDS in their area and beyond. We work with our members to gather high quality information that can be shared across our network to help ensure supported people have access to the right information when they need it.

Promote your work

SDSS is committed to supporting our members in the delivery of their services to provide local independent information, advice and support to those at each stage of their social care journey. We do this by listing membership organisations on our website – signposting individuals to relevant support in their area – and by giving members the opportunity to showcase good practice at our events and throughout communication channels.

Renew your membership for 2021/22

Our primary contacts of member organisations will have received their SDSS Membership Renewal email for 2021 – 2022. Renewing your membership is an online process and current members will receive their unique link to access the form.

Join Self Directed Support Scotland

Membership Fees

As a charitable organisation, we need to generate income to continue our work. That’s why there is a small charge for membership, based on a project / organisation’s income level and we aim to be affordable for all.

Project Income Level: Charge:
£1,000,000 + £150
£500,000 + £100
£300,000 + £70
£ 200,000 + £50
£ 100,000 + £40
£ 50,000 + £30
£ 0 – £49,999 £20

Please note: Before completing your application, please ensure that you and/or your organisation meet the criteria for membership. If you’re not sure if you meet the criteria for membership, or which category of membership would be relevant to you, you can contact the Membership Development Executive at: mark@sdsscotland.org.uk or call 07949 143 433.


Step 1

Applications for SDSS Membership are made by completing this form. This is then returned to SDSS along with the supporting documents. These are:

  • A copy of the groups/organisations governing document (e.g. Constitution, Articles of Association etc) if applicable
  • Any brochure or leaflet explaining what the group/organisation does.

Step 2

Applications are checked by the Membership Development Executive (MDE) and they will get in touch if any further information is required. The MDE will identify the appropriate membership category and pass all the application details to the SDSS Board.

Step 3

The SDSS Board will consider the application for membership and make a decision on this. This will be communicated with the organisation through the MDE.

Step 4

If membership is agreed, a membership pack will be issued and member listing added to SDSS membership. Any membership fee will be payable at this time.

Support with renewal or application

Our Membership Development Executive, Mark, will be available on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 June to help guide you through the renewal or application process.

You can schedule a 15 minute meeting by clicking here.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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