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National PA Training Framework

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National PA Training Framework

National PA Training Framework

Self Directed Support Scotland is developing a National Personal Assistant Training Framework.

The project has arisen from the PA Programme Board, which is developing the support available to PAs, and working to ensure PAs are recognised within the wider social care workforce.

The project will see two Developers work with PA Employers, Personal Assistants, and organisations who support them to develop a co-produced national PA training resource that can be accessed by all PAs and PA employers as they choose. 

The project will map existing training, find out from PA Employers and PAs what training they would find helpful, and potentially develop new training if there are any gaps.

This page will be kept up to date with news from the project and opportunities to get involved.

For more information, contact the Training Framework Developers:

Emmanuelle Le Coz

Johanne McBean

National plan sets out roadmap to improve training for Personal Assistant Employers and PAs
March 26, 2024

  A new national plan has set out what needs to happen in Scotland to improve access to training for people who employ Personal Assistants.   The plan is about the training employers want to give to their PAs as well as the training they might want to access themselves, to support them to be a good employer.   The ...

Next steps for national PA training framework
November 20, 2023

The development of a National Training Framework for Personal Assistants and their Employers has taken a step forward, with a survey now complete and its results informing the development of the next phase of the project. The national survey was carried out in September, to find out Employers and Personal Assistants’ views around training. More than ...

Employers and PAs invited to share views on PA training
September 4, 2023

SDSS is inviting people who employ Personal Assistants, and PAs themselves, to give their views on what training they feel would be beneficial to PAs. A short online survey has been created to ask about, among other things: what types of training would be most useful (eg. online, in person) what training topics would be most helpful how best ...

SDSS welcomes new PA training framework developers
May 4, 2023

  Self Directed Support Scotland has welcomed two new members of staff who will take on the development of a Personal Assistant Training Framework.  Emmanuelle Le Coz (left) and Johanne McBean (right) will work alongside PAs, Employers, and organisations who support them to developer a co-produced National PA Training resource that can be accessed by all PAs ...