A national framework to support employers with PA training

As part of the work of the Personal Assistant Programme Board, Self Directed Support Scotland is leading on the development and implementation of a national framework to support PA employers with training for their Personal Assistants.

The framework, Personal Assistant National Training Framework – a resource for Employers and PAs, was published in March 2024 and is the culmination of a year’s work to understand the current situation around training for PA Employers and PAs. The research involved speaking with a wide range of stakeholders, including people who employ PAs, to understand what difficulties they had in accessing training, and what training they wanted to be able to provide to their PAs.  

The framework sets out a blueprint for the coming years, identifying pieces of work that will enable PA Employers to gain the knowledge and confidence they need to carry out their training role, and will mean PA Employers and PAs can access relevant training more easily. 

Following publication of the framework, Self Directed Support Scotland are working in collaboration with PA Employers to develop:

  • two new online training modules, Understanding the Value of a Personal Assistant and Healthy Working Relationships 
  • an Induction and Training Resource Pack for Employers that will help employers identify their PAs’ training needs and give helpful advice and guidance on arranging training. 

Please keep an eye on this page, or sign up to our newsletter, for updates on this work.

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