Applying Legislation and Guidance to local SDS Implementation Issues

Date: 18 November 2020

Time: 14.30 - 16.00

Location: Virtual

Supporting people to deal with SDS implementation issues in Scotland

Many people still face very specific issues when trying to access and make use of Self-directed Support (SDS) in their area. This workshop, available to our members, supports people to gain a greater understanding of how to apply the SDS legislation and guidance to these issues, either for themselves or for someone they are supporting.

You can bring your own examples of issues that people are currently facing, or have faced in the past, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore how to apply the relevant legislation and guidance to seek a resolution to the issues faced. The session will also consider how individuals and organisations can highlight poor practice and engage with public authorities to address these. Short ‘case study’ like examples will be written up from the issues explored in the session, so that people who cannot attend might also learn how to address these issues more effectively.

Who is delivering the Session:

The session will be delivered by Dionne McCabe, an experienced legal adviser working for Civil Rights First. Dionne specialises in social care, education and discrimination legislation and provides advice, information and legal representation to people across Scotland.

Who is the Session for?

This session is for people working for SDSS Member Organisations, such as staff members, volunteers and Board Members. As member organisations, they will be involved in delivering Independent SDS Information and Support to people trying to access and make use of SDS across all parts of Scotland. The session is free to member organisations.

Who else can attend?

The sessions are also open to people using social care services and carers, but additional costs may apply if they are not working with our member organisations.

Dates for the Sessions:

  • Wednesday 18 November: 2.30pm – 4pm

How to book a place:

As interest is likely to be high and places limited, we will book on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Bookings will be limited to one person from each organisation for each session. If the sessions become oversubscribed, we will keep a waiting list and may consider arranging additional sessions if there is sufficient interest.

Contact Mark Han-Johnston to book your place by:

Tel: 07775 065653


You can see a breakdown of the Sessions here: Session Plan-Applying Legislation and Guidance to SDS Issues (SDSS-Civil Rights First)(Oct 2020)

Please let Mark know which date you’d like to book. You will be sent confirmation of your place by email along with additional information for the session.

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