Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020: Information Session

Learn about the new Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020:

The new Disclosure (Scotland) Act came into law on 14 July 2020 and will change some aspects of the criminal records scheme. This online information session is being delivered by Disclosure Scotland and is aimed at anyone with an interest in the new Act, especially people who might be affected by any changes, such as Personal Assistant (PA) Employers, PAs, Advocacy Organisations and Independent SDS Information and Support Organisations.

Of particular interest to members will be:

  • How the new Act increase protection to vulnerable groups of people
  • The change from ‘Regulated Work’ to ‘Regulated Roles’ and what this might mean in practise
  • How current Personal Assistants can register with Disclosure Scotland if they haven’t done so in the past
  • Which organisations might qualify as an ‘Accredited Body’
  • How Accredited Bodies will need to manage disclosure information they share with PA Employers about potential employees
  • How family members will be considered under the Act
  • What training and support will be available to Accredited Bodies

Who is the Session for: 

This is available to anyone connected to a member organisation. In addition, if members would like to encourage people they support to take part in the session, particularly people who are PA Employers, they would be welcome to share this information with them.

Date and Time of Session:

  • Thursday 29 October: 12.30pm – 2pm

You can find more information on the session plan here: Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020 Info Session (Oct 2020)

How to book places:

Please contact:

Mark Han-Johnston

Tel: 07775 065653

Email: mark@sdsscotland.org.uk

Self Directed Support Scotland

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