Draft Self-Directed Support Improvement Plan – June target for publication

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Following feedback from the National SDS Collaboration, the draft SDS Improvement Plan 2023-27 is being reviewed by Scottish Ministers and COSLA and is expected to be published in June. Updates on these processes will be provided by the Scottish Government at meetings of the National SDS Collaboration.

The new strategic plan is being developed to improve the implementation of Self-Directed Support in Scotland. 

Since the passing of the Self-Directed Support (Scotland) Act in 2013 and the accompanying strategy, several multi-year Implementation Plans have been in place to drive forward SDS implementation.  

As the last plan expired in 2021, there have been calls for a new plan that will set out the course of SDS improvement over the coming years. 

If you’d like to find out more please contact SDSImprovementPlan@sdsscotland.org.uk 

Self Directed Support Scotland

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