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National SDS Collaboration

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National SDS Collaboration

What is the National SDS Collaboration? 

The National SDS Collaboration is a group of stakeholders involved in the implementation and improvement of Self-Directed Support. 

The group includes representatives from across public, private and third sector, who all have an interest and a role to play in delivering and shaping Self-Directed Support. 

You can find the most up to date list of members of the National SDS Collaboration here and Terms of Reference for the group here. 

The first meeting of the National SDS Collaboration took place in April 2022, and it continues to meet on a monthly basis. It is chaired by Self Directed Support Scotland, and Social Work Scotland act as secretary for the group. 


Purpose of the National SDS Collaboration 

The ultimate aim of the National SDS Collaboration is to ensure that people who need support, and unpaid carers, can fully exercise choice and control in their support and care. 

The National SDS Collaboration plays a key role in offering tangible outcomes to promote improvements to SDS implementation in Scotland. The Collaboration also provides a channel for the voice of national stakeholders to influence Scottish Government developments around Self-Directed Support. 

One of the first priorities of the National SDS Collaboration is the development of an Improvement Plan 2023-2027 for the Self-Directed Support Strategy. You can find out more about this work here. 


Find out more 

You can read minutes of National SDS Collaboration meetings, and view any presentations shared, here. 

For more information about National SDS Collaboration meetings, please contact Social Work Scotland: