Get ready for Membership Renewal Week

Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS) represents organisations that are run by and for disabled people and/ or deliver independent Self-directed Support (SDS) information and support across all parts of Scotland. The focus and direction of our work reflects the needs and priorities of our membership in their role in supporting people across Scotland.

Without our membership, we would simply not be able to continue to do the work we do, from training sessions to supporting the implementation and development of Self-directed Support (SDS) throughout Scotland.

As we welcome continued and new membership of SDSS for 2021-22, we will be dedicating a week to the membership application and renewal process.

The first ever Self Directed Support Scotland Membership Renewal Week will take place between Monday 21 – Friday 25 June 2021.

During the week, we will share a number of resources to help you evaluate and renew your membership. Membership Renewal Week is also an opportunity for you to tell us how we can support you in the year ahead – so any ideas on training, events or resources that you would like SDSS to develop or work with you on can be shared.

You can see what members shared during renewals last year here.

Please keep an eye out for more information and resources during Membership Renewal Week.

If you have any questions about membership and renewals, please contact:


Self Directed Support Scotland

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