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Designed and delivered by Dr Danielle Farrel, the Managing Director of Your Options Understood  (Y.O.U) who has first-hand experience of living with a disability, this e-learning platform offers a unique insight into the world of disability by delivering a high standard alternative to face to face training on an online platform. There will also be an opportunity for organisations to purchase live training sessions delivered by Y.O.U, either as an extension of the online platform or separately.

Y.O.U’s e-learning platform is and exciting new addition to their existing  services. Initially designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Y.O.U has now developed an e-learning platform that hosts a range training course covering a range of topics that are relevant across multiple sectors.

The areas currently covered are:

  • Disability Awareness
  • The Right Approach
  • Equality
  • Support Planning
  • Self-Directed Support
  • Recording Daily Notes

There is also the option for Y.O.U to design bespoke e-learning courses that will be designed collaboratively with you to meet the specific training requirements of your staff and organisation.

All e-learning courses can be purchased on an individual or as an annual subscription which allows organisations 400 logins annually.

To find out more about people’s experiences of working with Y.O.U see their video here: Working with Y.O.U.

Learn more about the Person Centred Planning support available here: Person Centred Planning Info (Jan 2021)

Please get in get in touch with Danielle to find out more about Y.O.U.

You can contact Y.O.U. at:

Tel: 0793 8998091



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