New newsletter for Personal Assistants in Scotland

A screenshot of an email newsletter with the heading IMPACT and a photo of a woman and her male PA

A new newsletter aimed at Personal Assistants in Scotland has been launched.

The imPAct newsletter, produced by Self Directed Support Scotland, aims to keep PAs informed of the work of the PA Programme Board, as well as other news and opportunities relevant to PAs.

Personal Assistants who have signed up will receive the email newsletter straight to their inbox, bringing them the latest information and keeping them informed.

The newsletter will share important updates from the work going on to support PAs in Scotland via the Programme Board and its subgroups, as well as opportunities to get involved, articles on issues relevant to PAs, and updates from the PA Network Scotland.

You can catch up on the first edition of the newsletter here.

And you sign up to the mailing list here.

Self Directed Support Scotland is keen to work with Personal Assistants to continue to develop the newsletter and make sure its presentation and content is relevant and interesting to PAs. Non-salaried PAs will be reimbursed for their time in contributing to the newsletter. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Kayleigh Hirst:


Self Directed Support Scotland

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