Trial will test out new discount card for PAs

A woman in a yellow jumper holds out a Blue Sky Social Care Card

A pilot is to take place in Scotland to try out a new discount card for Personal Assistants.

The Blue Sky Social Care Card was launched recently in England and is available to all social care workers across the UK. It is gaining in popularity, with 10,000 users so far, and offers discounts at a range of retailers and services.

The PA Network Scotland are working with the Wellbeing subgroup of the PA Programme Board to test the card, after becoming aware of some of the difficulties reported by PAs in accessing other discount cards for social care workers. They also understand the potential positive effects that having access to this type of card may have on PAs’ financial and overall wellbeing.

They are beginning a trial to test out whether the Blue Sky Social Care Card could be worthwhile for PAs in Scotland.

Working with around 50 PANS members from across Scotland, the trial will run over the next few months, and hopes to find out:

  • how easy it is for PAs to be approved for the card
  • how widely accepted the card is and what range of discounts can be obtained
  • whether it has a positive impact on PAs’ financial and overall wellbeing.

By testing the card with PAs, the trial hopes to find out whether the card represents good value for money to PAs, and whether it can be recommended to all PAs in Scotland.

The card usually costs £5 per year, but PAs who take part in the trial will be offered a free card. The card is operated by a charity, Blue Sky Brokers, meaning any profits they make from it are put back into their organisation, which supports PA employers.

The trial will start in September, with PAs reporting back in January about their experiences. The findings from the trial will be shared with the PA Programme Board and Personal Assistants across Scotland.

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