My Support, My Choice research

In 2018-22, Self Directed Support Scotland in partnership with the ALLIANCE conducted a large scale research project to understand individuals’ experience of Self-directed Support in Scotland.

The resulting research, My Support My Choice, remains the largest direct consultation into individual experiences of SDS in Scotland, and includes vital evidence, analysis and recommendations for improvement to SDS, based on people’s experiences.

More than 600 people from all areas of Scotland shared their experiences through surveys, research interviews and focus groups.

The research looked at a number of areas, including:

  • Information about SDS 
  • Informed choice and control  
  • Communication and relationships with social work 
  • Impact of SDS on family/relationships  
  • SDS and mental health  
  • Care staff recruitment, training and quality  
  • Independent advocacy and support.

The final report made 66 recommendations, many of which were subsequently taken forward as part of national SDS strategy.

Alongside the main report, a number of thematic and geographical reports were published, with specific recommendations.

You can access all the reports below.

Self Directed Support Scotland
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