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Research Relating to Personal Assistants

Research Relating to Personal Assistants


Leverton, M., Samsi, K., Woolham, J. and Manthrope, J. (2022) ‘I have enough pressure as it is, without the worry of doing something wrong because of ignorance’: The impact of Covid-19 on people who employ social care personal assistants, The British Journal of Social Work, 53(2), pp. 1243–1262. Available:

Reid Howie Associates (2010) Study of the workforce and employment issues surrounding Self-directed Support. Scottish Government Social Research. Available: Reid Howie Associates Report

Theakstone, D., Lawrence, J. and Adderley, J. (2022) The Personal Assistant Workforce Survey: Annual Survey 2022 Report. Self Directed Support Scotland. Available: First Annual PA Workforce Survey Report – 2022

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) (2022) The Forgotten Workforce: Recruiting and Retaining Personal Assistants – A survey of people supported by a Personal Assistant. TLAP. Available: Think Local Act Personal PA Survey 2022 – Experience of recruiting a PA

Thompson, J. and Pickering, S. (2021) Individual Employer Pay Scale Report: Survey & Interview Findings. Sheffield City Council. Available: Sheffield Individual Employer Pay Scale Report


Data on the known PA Workforce

Scottish Government data on PAs of adults approved for the £500 Thank You Payment is available here: £500 Payments for PAs Scotland Excel Data

4,799 Personal Assistants’ in Scotland applications were approved for a Thank You payment of up to £500 for their work through the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. This report by Scotland Excel provides a summary of the known PA workforce in 2021, and gives the number of applicants from each Local Authority area.