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Date posted: July 17, 2018

New Publication: Self-Directed Support – IF IT’S SO GOOD THEN WHY IS IT SO HARD?

Simon Duffy has created a paper on behalf of the SKILLS Project, which is a partnership project between ANFFAS, KVPS, EASPD, In Control Scotland and The Centre for Welfare Reform to promote Self-directed Support in Europe. Self-Directed Support is at an early stage of development in Europe and awareness of its benefits is low. The project aim is not only to develop useful materials for educators, but also to help advance the idea of Self-Directed Support in Europe.

The paper asks a number of questions and offers answers to these questions from both a Scottish and English experience. Questions include:

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • What does the research say?
  • Why does it work?
  • What is different about it?
  • Who uses it?
  • Where do we start?
  • What are the principles?
  • What is the future?
  • Where are we at present?

In addition they create a series of questions for Leaders (which could include senior Health and Social Care and Scottish Government staff) to consider in terms of developing and supporting SDS implementation.

You can see a copy of Paper here.

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