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Free Personal Care for Under 65’s: Key resources.

April 2, 2019

On April 1st the Community Care (Personal Care and Nursing Care) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 2018 came into force. This legislation extends free personal care to those under the age of 65. At the moment public facing guidance is not yet available, however Local Authorities have been issued with guidance which we previously shared and can ...

PA checklist report cover

New publication: ‘PA Checklist – A Tool for Assessing Personal Assistance Schemes.’

March 27, 2019

. In November and December 2018, the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) piloted the PA Checklist – a new tool designed for assessing personal assistance (PA) schemes from the perspective of independent living. The checklist was created by ENIL to help advocates around the world to fight for better PA and to monitor the implementation ...

Cover image of report

Children’s rights legislation in Scotland: quick reference guide

March 27, 2019

  A new guide on children’s rights in Scotland has been published which includes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and is a handy guide for those who work with children and families. The guide can be accessed here.

Care Inspectorate, The Hub logo

New website for SDS resources.

March 27, 2019

A new website ‘The Hub’ has been developed to support improvement in social care and social work, and as part of this a library of key Self-directed Support resources has been created. The SDS library features materials suitable for a range of audiences and brings together a mix of resources from short video clips to ...

Site Accessibility

March 12, 2019

At SDSS we follow the Social Model of disability which means that we are committed to addressing barriers to make sure that everyone can access the information that they need. The website does not have a separate accessibility statement, this is because we have designed this site to be as accessible and usable as possible for ...

SDS National Voice programme cover featuring a multicoloured map of scotland

SDS National Voice 2019: Final programme launch!

March 8, 2019

The final programme for SDS National Voice 2019 is now live and can be accessed here, we look forward to welcoming delegates on the day. Can’t wait? Read our pre-event Q&A with our opening speaker the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman here. Last chance to book your place! There are a limited number of spaces still ...

Image of Jeane Freeman alongside multicoloured map of scotland which reads 'SDS Natioanl Voice 2019: Local Stories'

SDS National Voice 2019: Q&A with Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman and last chance to book!

March 7, 2019

SDS National Voice is an event to brings those working in health and social care, social care users and carers together to discuss good practice in social care delivery, and what we can do to ensure that SDS implementation is successful. Last year our inaugural event at Edinburgh International Conference Centre was a huge success and ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

Scottish Government consultation: Timescales for adult carer support plans and young carer statements for carers of people who are terminally ill.

February 20, 2019

The Government have opened a consultation which will be used to inform regulations that will set prioritised time limits for the preparation of adult carer support plans and young carer statements for carers of people who are terminally ill. The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 extends and enhances the rights of unpaid carers in Scotland by giving ...

OSCR logo

Scottish Government consultation: Scottish Charity Law.

February 19, 2019

This consultation seeks views on potential improvements to the statutory charity regulation framework in Scotland, in light of proposals put forward by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). The proposals broadly focus on improvements to charity law that would increase transparency and accountability in order to maintain public trust and confidence in charities and OSCR. Click here ...

Document reads 'Employment Contract'

Recent employment law case: Self-employed carer joins the “employment” family

February 19, 2019

You may have heard about a recent court case relating to employment status, which is particularly relevant as it specifically applies to the care work force, and the use of an introduction agency.  Anthony Collins Solicitors have summarised the case here and note the following key points for those involved in the sector: The fact that an ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

Scottish Government consultation: Changing Places Toilets.

February 19, 2019

The government has launched a consultation on proposals to introduce a requirement for Changing Places Toilets through revisions to the building standards system. Changing Places Toilets (CPTs) offer larger, supported facilities that address the needs of people for whom current accessible sanitary accommodation is inadequate. A network of nearly 200 Changing Places Toilets exists across ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

Local Authority guidance on implementing free personal care for under 65s.

February 18, 2019

New guidance on implementing free personal care for under 65s has been issued to Local Authorities across the country. This guidance has been issued ahead of April 1st, when the Community Care (Personal Care and Nursing Care) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 2018, will come into force. This legislation extends free personal care to those under ...

Inlcusion scotland logo with text 'our voices, our choices'

Inclusion Scotland Disabled leadership network.

February 18, 2019

  Inclusion Scotland is hoping to build a ‘disabled leadership network’. This will be a network comprising of disabled people who want to become stronger leaders, within their community, workplace, education setting, or within politics and activism. Their hope is to facilitate a platform where disabled people can develop their leadership skills and gain the confidence to ...

Coalition of Carers Logo which has a green handprint over the 'C' with tag line 'From recognition to rights'

New report. Awareness of the Carers (Scotland) Act : Experiences of Carers in Scotland

January 29, 2019

  Coalition of carers in Scotland have recently published a short report and recommendations for HSCPs and the wider community on improving access to support, information and advice for carers. You can access the report here

green text on white background 'Good moves charity and recruitment'

Goodmoves offer reduced rate for individuals and charities placing PA adverts.

December 19, 2018

Goodmoves is a recruitment platform for jobs within the Civil Society, Charity and Voluntary Sector in Scotland and the only dedicated jobs website in Scotland which is run by a charity. They are offering a new reduced rate for individuals booking personal assistant adverts directly: Individuals booking directly – £80 (plus VAT) per advert Charities booking on behalf ...

Portrait image of Jess Wade, SDSS Manager

Jess Wade, SDSS Manager: Reflecting on 2018.

December 19, 2018

Winding down before the seasonal break gives a chance to reflect on the whirlwind of 2018, and what a busy year that was! For SDSS, we have had lots successes, developing new work and building on tried and tested approaches. We had the opportunity to host a well attended and vibrant National Voice event in ...

Glasgow Disability Alliance logo

Stand with GDA: Glasgow deserves better social care!

December 13, 2018

  Glasgow’s Senior Social Work officials have recently re-visited a paper on resource allocation, which in June the Integrated Joint Board (IJB) refused due to concerns that the Equalities Impacts had not been considered, and that financial concerns capping individuals’ budgets could lead to forced institutionalisation. Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) and others are very concerned that if approved this approach ...

Centre for Inclusive Living Perth and Kinross logo

Centre for Inclusive Living Perth and Kinross launch ‘Accessibility Guide Perth.’

December 13, 2018

The Centre for Inclusive Living Perth and Kinross have recently produced a handy accessibility guide for the Central Perth area. This was produced with help from Perth College and funded by the Creative Community Fund. The guide highlights accessibility in key areas of interest, as well as local cafes/restaurants. The guide shows where you can find ...

Young woman in sports wheelchair with basketball court in background holds green sign whiich reads 'Try something new'

ILF #TrySomethingNew campaign launched

December 13, 2018

ILF Scotland has recently launched a new campaign to encourage young people living with a physical or mental impairment to apply for funding and #TrySomethingNew. The Transition Fund aims to encourage young people who need support to try new activities and experiences that will enhance their participation and social interaction with their communities, their independence and ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

Statutory Guidance to accompany the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

November 28, 2018

Statutory Guidance This document contains Statutory Guidance on social care assessment and associated process. The guidance covers adults, children, young carers and adult carers.

The Scottish Parliament logo

Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

November 28, 2018

Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 An Act of the Scottish Parliament to enable local authorities to provide support to certain carers; to make provision about the way in which certain social care services are provided by local authorities; and for connected purposes.

Bright pink cover of report with the text Self-directed Support in Scotland. Capturing the expereince of people living with dementia.

Report: Self-directed Support in Scotland: Capturing the experience of people living with dementia.

November 28, 2018

A report produced by Community Catalysts, captures the experience of people living with dementia and their carers and how Self-directed Support has worked for them. For the purposes of this report in depth interviews with 5 people were undertaken and their experiences of SDS recorded, their stories form the backbone of this report. The report found 5 ...

Image of Dr Dianne Theakstone addressing audience at SDSS AGM 2018

Getting out of the woods? Reflecting on the SDSS AGM 2018.

November 21, 2018

At the start of the month our AGM took place in with co-hosts SDS Forum East Renfrewshire. There were 49 delegates in total in attendance from a range of membership organisations from across Scotland. As well as an opportunity to discuss the work of SDSS over the last 12 months, highlight key achievements and challenges and for ...

Cover of report white background with yellow purple and blue string intertwined

Audit Scotland report: Health and social care integration: update on progress

November 21, 2018

Audit Scotland have recently a new report on the progress and status of Health and social care integration. Their own summary states: ‘While some improvements have been made to the delivery of health and social care services, Integration Authorities, councils and NHS boards need to show a stronger commitment to collaborative working to achieve the real ...

Models of Disabilty

November 14, 2018

Models of Disability The Social Model At SDSS we follow the social model of disability and apply this to all of the work that we do. The Social Model of disability is a way of viewing the world and systems, developed by disabled people. The model says that people are disabled by barriers in society, not by their ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

SDS: Towards a new National Implementation Plan for 2019 – 2021

November 7, 2018

  Wednesday 28 November, 10.00-14.00 in Aberdeen Monday 3 December, 10.00-14.00 in Glasgow The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 made self-directed support a legal right for everyone receiving social care. it is based on the statutory principles of participation and dignity; involvement; informed choice and collaboration. Implementation of self-directed support is a major culture shift for everyone ...

Community Brokerage Network logo featuring red and yellow cartoon figures in a blue circle

Community Brokerage SQA Award available

November 5, 2018

The Community Brokerage Network have just announced the opening of their new award in Community Brokerage. Community Brokerage describes a model which builds the capacity of individuals to live independently in their own community, building on their strengths and using resources like Self-directed Support to help them do this. The Community Brokerage award is a customised ...

2 cartoon figures holding us a cartoon map of scotland and an 'SDS' flag with the text 'Lets be collective and collaborative' one of the characters had a speech bubble which reads 'and implement SDS'

SDS Collective Launch – 21st November in Glasgow – be there!

November 5, 2018

Launch of the SDS Collective! The SDS Collective is a group of advocacy and campaigning organisations which have come together to promote improved practice in the development of Self-Directed Support in Scotland. Recognising that Self-Directed Support is the mainstream form of social care provision in Scotland, the SDS Collective exists to address the restrictions on choice and ...

logo in blue cloud shaped thought bubble text ready My support my choice with the first and last word in bold so the phrase in book-ended with the phrase 'My choice'

SDSS and the ALLIANCE research ‘My Support, My Choice’

October 31, 2018

The ‘My Support My Choice’ research has its origins in a 2016 pilot study conducted by Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS) which explored service users’ experiences of Self-directed Support in 3 local authority areas in Scotland. Between June 2018-June 2019, Self Directed Support Scotland and Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (The ALLIANCE) are running a ...

Image of SDSS AGM 'Getting out of the woods' programme. Green brochure with image of sunlight breaking through trees.

SDSS AGM 2018: Programme launch!

October 25, 2018

SDSS are delighted to release the full programme for our upcoming AGM on Thursday 1st November which will be an opportunity for members to  discuss the last year and hear more about upcoming SDSS research. This event will give members an exclusive look at our new and improved website and database for Independent Support. During ...

image of filmmaker on red background with white text 'Nicola Sturgeon, what would you say if you were taxed to go to the toilet'

Call to action! Scrap the Care Tax – Don’t tax us to go to the toilet!

October 18, 2018

The Scottish Government’s proposal to extend Free Personal Care means that disabled people will still have to pay hundreds of pounds a month for their social care, including if they need help to use the toilet when out and about. On October 23rd a protest will be taking place to ask the Scottish Government to end ...

Logo from report shown intertwined curved lines in blue, green and red

SDS Implementation Plan 2019-21, what’s next?

October 16, 2018

Many of you will have been involved in the development of the existing SDS Implementation Plan and will be wondering what next for SDS implementation? The current Implementation Plan runs from 2016-2018, and Scottish Government wants to hear from you on what is working well, what needs to change at national level, and what you would ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

Have your say about local communities deciding their own future.

October 16, 2018

The Scottish Government is consulting on local decision making in Scotland, saying: ‘In recent years, something has begun to change. There is a growing recognition that it is often better for decisions about the issues that affect different communities in Scotland to be taken with more active involvement of those communities. Whether that is communities in ...

The Independent review of Learning Disabilty and Autism logo with white and green circles graphic

The Independent Review of learning disability and autism in the mental health act

October 16, 2018

The Independent Review of learning disability and autism in the mental health act is looking at whether this law needs to change for people with autism or people with learning disability. The review is looking at whether the law promotes and protects people’s human rights. If the review finds that the law needs to change ...

SDS collective, inform, improve, empower

A common purpose: The SDS collective

October 14, 2018

The SDS Collective is a group of advocacy and campaigning organisations which have come together to promote improved practice in the development of Self-Directed Support in Scotland.  The SDS collective launch will take place in Glasgow on 21st November 2018. SDSS are currently acting Secretariat, if you would like to find out more please email:

Scottish Goverment logo, blue and white saltire flag

Influencing National SDS implementation

October 14, 2018

SDSS are involved in representing the views of our members ona national level in order to influence future SDS implementation. Find out more about what this project has involved over the last year.        

Disclosure Scotland logo with 'i' in disclosure the shape of a person

PVG consultation: report now published.

October 10, 2018

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme was launched in 2011 and is managed by Disclosure Scotland to help ensure people whose behaviour makes them unsuitable to work with children or protected adults can’t do regulated work with these vulnerable groups. On 25 April 2018, the Scottish Government launched a consultation on how they can simplify and ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

National programme to support adult social care reform: have your say!

October 10, 2018

The Scottish Government and COSLA (The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) are seeking views and input on the development of a national programme to support adult social care reform. You can find out more about what the Scottish Government and COSLA are asking here SDSS will be responding on behalf of our members, so we would ...

sunlight breaking through trees in woodland image with the text 'Out of the Woods' #SDSSAGM18

SDSS AGM 2018: Getting out of the Woods

October 3, 2018

SDSS AGM 2018: Getting out of the Woods The SDSS AGM 2018 ‘Getting out of the woods’ is a members only event and an opportunity to discuss the work of SDSS over the last 12 months, highlight key achievements and challenges and for members to have a say about the future work and governance of SDSS. We are hosting this year’s AGM ...

MECOPP The Three R's project wordcloud with words 'accountability, outcomes, self determination, resources, information, equalities, responisbilites, rights, collaboration, respect, fairness, participation, solutions, challenge, control, involvement choice, transparency, co-production, inclusion, Living Well, personalisation, resolution, equity.'

Speak Your Mind! Dementia, and SDS Event

September 28, 2018

Speak Your Mind! Dementia, SDS and Promoting Individual Autonomy Friday 19th October 2018 – in Glasgow 10:00 am – 12:00 noon This FREE event will look at how self-directed support can promote individual autonomy for people with dementia, particularly in situations where there are actual or potential interventions under mental health, adults with incapacity or adult support and ...

Social Work Scotland Logo blue text with multicoloured graphic of scotland map

Social Work Scotland Report: ‘Best Practice and Local Authority Progress in Self-Directed Support.’

September 16, 2018

Social Work Scotland have recently released a report that aims to share good practice examples and promote learning between local authority areas and across different fields of practice. 15 of the 32 Scottish local authorities came forward to offer evidence and examples of best practice in SDS implementation as follows: Angus The City of Edinburgh Dumfries and Galloway East ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

Our take on ‘SDS Data Under Development 2016-17’

September 16, 2018

Many of you will be familiar with the SDS Data Under Development figures, the most up to date of which, covering 2016-17, were released last month. The recent figures show a marked increase in what is described as the ‘SDS Implementation Rate’, now up to 70% at a national level. You may wonder what that means, ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

The Programme for Government 2018-19: What does this mean for SDSS?

September 16, 2018

Last week The Programme for Government 2018-19 ‘Delivering for Today, Investing for Tomorrow’ was released. In it, the Scottish Government made the following commitment: ‘We will also gather views and consider evidence for a potential new national scheme to provide extra financial support to people with the highest social care needs, so that they can choose to ...

Alzheimer Scotland logo with purple text and tag line 'Action on Dementia'

Self-Directed Support and People Living with Dementia

September 16, 2018

Alzheimer Scotland are conducting a short survey to find out more about what is happening locally from organisations involved directly in supporting people with self-directed support, so that they can further support and guide people living with dementia and their families regarding Self-Directed Support. This could be for example about providing information about organisations who can help ...

Image of flyer for 'Improving Social Care Services in your area' event series text is shown on blue background with a range of animated figures.

Improving Social Care Services in the Highlands

September 13, 2018

Improving Social Care Services in the Highlands Highland Self Directed Support Stakeholder Group We are arranging a series of Self Directed Support meetings taking place across the Highlands over the next 12 months. We see these meetings as an opportunity to focus on how SDS is developing locally and how we can work together to improve this. ...

SDSS Board Members

August 31, 2018

Board members

Green booklet cover with text 'Challenging Social Care Decisions in Scotland: A Legal Guide by Tim Haddow, advocate

MECOPP Resource: ‘Challenging Social Care Decisions in Scotland: A Legal Guide’

August 30, 2018

As part of their 3 R’s project MECOPP have published a Legal Guide on challenging social care decisions. The aim of this guide is to help explain when decisions made about social care can be challenged using the law; and how to go about doing it. The guide attempts to answer the simple questions: “is there ...

Screeshot of strategy report with SDSS logo (a multicoloured saltire) text reads 'Purpose and Strategy April 2018-March 2021)

SDSS Strategy 2018-21

August 29, 2018

Download SDSS Strategy document 2018-21

Coalition of Carers Logo which has a green handprint over the 'C' with tag line 'From recognition to rights'

Pocket-sized Guide on the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

August 10, 2018

The Coalition of Carers have produced a 2 page guide to what people can expect from the new Carers (Scotland) Act 2016. They outline the Carer Pathway to getting the support that Carers need, through the provision of information, to having a good conversation and to making sure Carers needs are being met. You can see ...

Image of tree with books resting on each branch

Research on SDS Implementation published

August 10, 2018

Providers and Personalisation: New Research report into the Barriers and Enablers for Self-directed Support implementation. Their Report covered 5 Local Authority areas and they interviewed 35 people with roles ranging across strategic, operational, commissioning and front-line positions, from a range of urban and rural areas. Their conclusions of the Barriers to SDS Implementation include: Internal barriers within the Local ...

weighing scales shown off balance with text which reads 'Legal issues'

National Minimum Wage and Sleepover: Legal Ruling

August 9, 2018

Legal Issues – ‘Sleep-in’ shifts and the National Minimum Wage You might have heard of the recent Court of Appeal Judgement on the outcome of paying care staff the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for sleep-ins. There is now a useful description of the Court Judgement and what this means for staff working sleepovers and the employers paying ...

Screenshot of SDSS website which has a bright pink background

SDSS developments, what’s next?

August 3, 2018

SDSS Developments, what’s next? 2018 has been a busy time for SDSS in terms of technology. We are in the process of redeveloping our website & with the new GDPR regulation coming into effect we took the opportunity to implement a number of system improvements. Find out more about these changes and how we can use ...

Headshot image of the late Peter Brawley

Peter Brawley

July 27, 2018

It is with great sadness that we must share the news that our dear friend and colleague Peter Brawley passed away on 23rd July 2018 after a short illness. For decades, Peter has been a leading figure in the Independent Living Movement in Scotland. He played a vital role in founding GCIL and was their ...

REACH logo with 'the word 'reach' in multicoloured letters

Rights for Children aged 12+ with Additional Support for Learning Needs.

July 16, 2018

On 10th January 2018 the Education (Scotland) Act 2016 come into force. As of this date the rights of children aged 12 – 15 have been extended to give them many of the same rights as their parents and carers and young people over 16 under additional support for learning legislation. The Scottish Government’s intention in delivering ...

Inspiring Scotland

Support in the Right Direction 2021: grants announced!

June 29, 2018

Support in the Right Direction 2021: grants announced! On Wednesday Jamie Macdougall from Scottish Government announced officially that Support in the Right Direction (SiRD2021) grants have been allocated. The announcement was made at an event was hosted by Lothian Centre of Inclusive Living (LCiL) , who were successful grant applicants and are delighted to extend their ...

SCVO in large letters the 'O' is multicoloured and a tag line reads 'Connecting, enabling, transforming.

Fund to help organisations implement new Carers Act

June 29, 2018

The fund is open for applications from third sector organisations – charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups,based in Scotland who are currently providing support to carers which is aligned with the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016. This funding is to improve their capacity to carry out their role in local implementation of the Act. Your organisation ...

Image of Dianne Theakstone in front of SDSS banner

New SDSS Research Officer: Dianne Theakstone

June 26, 2018

Meet our new Research Officer: Dianne Theakstone Hi, I’m Dianne Theakstone and I’ve recently joined the SDSS team. My best buddy (who you can see in the picture) is Merlin, my 2 year old, very mischievous black lab guide dog. I come from a research background that focuses upon co-production methodology with disabled people and exploring how to ...

Carers week graphic with a range of cartoon buildings on a street including a school, pub, church, cafe and university with the text 'Carers Week 2018 Monday 11-Sunday 17th June

New Carers Research reveals impact and lack of support for Carers

June 18, 2018

  ‘Supporting Carers to be Healthy and Connected’ – Research Summary for Carers Week 2018 Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. The survey findings are based upon the 6,828 responses to the State of Caring ...

Wren and Greyhound graphic with a range of illustrated figures coming out of a sheet of paper

Sustainability and SDS Report: Challenges, Learning and Resources

June 18, 2018

This resource shares the learning, tools and tips generated by a programme of workshops on sustainability, centred on the Lasting Difference toolkit. The programme ran from August 2017 to January 2018, involving 52 people from 28 organisations across Scotland. It was hosted by Scottish Government, who had funded the participating organisations to support the implementation ...

Scottish Government logo with blue and white saltire flag.

Scottish Govt ‘SDS Communications Group’ Survey

June 14, 2018

Scottish Govt ‘SDS Communications Group’ Survey: How do people learn about SDS? The Scottish Government Communications Group was set up to look at SDS communications, specifically around Outcome 1 of the 2016/18 SDS Implementation Plan which states: Supported people have more choice and control Citizens are engaged, informed, included and empowered to make choices about their support. They ...

Year of young people logo with colourful emblem with acronym YOYP inside

Scottish Govt Consultation: Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their Families

June 11, 2018

Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their Families: Scottish Government Consultation on a Resource for the Information Needs of children and families In 2016 the Scottish Government set out a plan to make life better for disabled people in Scotland – this was called A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People. Part of this plan was to make a ...

Mind's Well logo with multicoloured swirl tag line reads 'Exploring the mind'

Professional Development Award in Mental Health and Peer Support

June 11, 2018

Professional Development Award in Mental Health and Peer Support The Professional Development Award (PDA) in Mental Health Peer Support is designed to facilitate candidates in the role of peer support worker. The PDA equips candidates with the knowledge, skills and values which are necessary to carry out this role. Time & Location: Date: ‎September‎ ‎17‎th 2018 Time: ‎10‎:‎00‎ ‎am Location: ...

Open University Logo plain with blue icon which is a solid U shape with a circle cut out.

Open University: New Revised Online SDS Course

June 8, 2018

Open University: New Revised Online SDS Course The Open University has had recently updated and improved this course so that it considers self-directed support for both children and adults. The Course has six sections, which can be studied in any order: Understanding personalisation and its history Making personalisation happen: Co-production Outcomes based thinking Personalisation and risk Workforce Working together for personalisation. The course includes a ...

SDSS Privacy notice.

June 6, 2018

Self Directed Support Scotland Privacy Notice The GDPR or the EU General Data Protection Regulation is a new data privacy law effective from May 25, 2018 This legislation gives more rights to you as an individual and more obligations to European Union organisations holding your personal data including Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS). Personal data is any ...

Grey box with yellow and white text which reads 'SCDC Scottish Community Development Centre'

Participation Requests Training for Members

May 29, 2018

Participation Requests Training: Bring public authorities to the table! The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act (2015) created new opportunities in Scotland. Participation requests have been introduced under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act which was passed in July 2015. They are a new means by which community groups / communities of interest can request to have greater involvement ...

the ALLIANCE logo featuring 3 purple illustrated figures and the text 'Health and Social Care, Alliance Scotland, people at the centre'

Self Management Fund Open to Organisations

May 16, 2018

This fund is an opportunity for third sector organisations and any statutory sector partners to work together over a short period to demonstrate and build capacity for self management approaches to be strengthened in integration partnerships. Key Information: The Fund is open to applications until 5pm on Friday 29th June 2018 (Now closed) Organisations can apply for 12 – ...

The Scottish Parliament logo

 Scottish Parliament Report: ‘Are they involving us? Integration Authorities engagement with stakeholders’, where are we now?

May 15, 2018

In September 2017 The Health and Sport Committee at the Scottish Parliament undertook a short inquiry to assess the extent to which stakeholders (including the public, the service users, the third sector and the independent sector) are being involved effectively in the work of Integration Authorities and Integrated Joint Boards. The Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act ...

Social Work Scotland Logo blue text with multicoloured graphic of scotland map

SDSS Members Opportunity to Review Social Work Scotland’s SDS Report

May 14, 2018

Members’ Event-Review of Social Work Scotland’s Report:’Best Practice and Local Authority Progress in Self-Directed Support’ Social Work Scotland were asked to work with Local Authorites to find examples of best practice in SDS. Whilst they are aware of some of the issues in terms of the implementation of the SDS Act and in the use of ...

In Control Scotland logo

lndividual Service Funds: a guide to making Self Directed Support work for everyone

May 10, 2018

  An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is one way of managing an individual budget available under Option 2 of the Self-Directed Support Act. In Control Scotland has produced a new guide to making Individual Service Funds work for people. They outline the core components of an ISF, details what needs to be in place for an ISF to work ...

CCPS Logo pink and green rectangle with CCPS in large font

New CCPS Briefing: Poor Procurement Practice and SDS – what can be done

May 10, 2018

This Providers and Personalisation (P&P) briefing sets out a local area example of the tensions that can exist between procurement and competitive tendering, and Self-directed Support (SDS) and enabling choice for individuals about the provision of their care and support. The briefing concludes with lessons that have been learned and some considerations for Local Authorities ...

Open University Logo plain with blue icon which is a solid U shape with a circle cut out.

Open University to increase service user involvement. 

May 10, 2018

  Jess Wade, SDSS Manager, recently attended a session run by the Scottish Inter-University Service Users and Carers Network  in partnership with IRISS about involving service users in social work courses. She made a number of useful contacts and promoted SDSS members as a route for courses to showcase opportunities for involvement and will continue to ...

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

PVG scheme: consultation events.

May 10, 2018

This Scottish Government consultation seeks views on proposals for the reform to the disclosure regime in Scotland. The aim is for respondents to focus on what changes are required to make disclosure of criminal convictions fit for the 21st century.  Some changes that may be identified might be better pursued through non-legislative means.  Others may ...

SDSS Management Committee structure.

May 10, 2018

Self Directed Support Scotland is a charitable company with limited liability. The Management Committee are elected by the membership. Currently, 3 full membership organisations are represented on the board. The quorum for the board of The Management Committee is 3. The Board sets the framework and strategies of operation and development of the organisation.

Scottish Government blue and white saltire logo

PVG scheme reform: have your say!

May 1, 2018

The disclosure system Scotland in changing which could have a range of implications for PA employers. In light of the upcoming consultation with some uncertainties- such as the mandatory nature of the PVG structure and whether this will also apply to family members, we will be holding two consultation events around the PVG scheme with representatives from Disclosure ...

Jess Wade SDSS Manager participating in SDS National Voice video

SDS National Voice 2018: Video content.

April 15, 2018

SDS National Voice 2018 was an event held on March 14th 2018 to promote and showcase good SDS practice from across Scotland, videos of key content from the day are now available: What does it take to make SDS work? Martin Abernethy with Florence Garabedian, LCiL Support in the Right Direction –Key lessons from the evaluation. Lucy Robertson, Managing ...

EU Blue flag with yellow stars in a circle

GDPR: Information for charities.

April 12, 2018

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has produced a useful FAQ for charities, which you can read here.  

The Scottish Parliament logo

Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee: looking at concerns around SDS.

April 12, 2018

Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee The role of the PAPLS Committee is to scrutinise the Scottish Government, in relation to the following matters: Considering issues arising from audit of Scottish Government and public bodies’ accounts. Scrutinising the financial performance of the Scottish Government and public bodies. Examining the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector. Post-legislative scrutiny. The Social ...

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Two new Acts come into force: The Carers Act and The Lobbying Act.

April 12, 2018

Scottish Government have announced two new acts, The Carers Act and The Lobbying Act. Carers Act Members will be well aware of the Carers Act, which came into force on 1st April this year. The Coaliation of Carers in Scotland have produced a number of useful resources and information leaflets to help everyone understand the implication of ...

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SDS National Voice 2018: Report published.

April 12, 2018

On March 14th 2018 we held a national event to promote and showcase good self-directed support practice from across Scotland, we have published a report to summarise key learning from the day. As well as highlighting who was there and geographical coverage, this report also shows what delegates were able to take away from the day. ...

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Featured in TFN: Jess Wade on SDS Implementation.

March 4, 2018

Last week SDSS Manager Jess Wade was featured in TFN, find out more: SDSS Manager, Jess Wade, was featured in TFN last week discussing the future of SDS, and what needs to be done to achieve successful SDS implementation. In this article Jess highlights the importance of real partnership working, in order to learn from best practice. Our ...

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SDS National Voice: Final Programme announcements!

March 4, 2018

Spaces are filling up quickly for #SDSnationalvoice, we have been working on our programme, with a some further exciting content to be confirmed. Stay tuned the final programme will be released later this week! Find the most up to date information below: Confirmed Speakers: Jess Wade, Manager, Self Directed Support Scotland. Florence Garabedien with Martin on his 10-year ...

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SDS National Voice, tickets available now!

February 16, 2018

  SDS National Voice 2018- tickets available now! SDS National Voice is an event that will promote, celebrate and discuss good SDS practice all over Scotland. We designed this event around what you would like to hear about, and who you would like to hear from. Get your tickets now! SDS National Voice 2018 is an event you cannot miss ...

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SDS National Voice: Further Programme announcements!

February 16, 2018

SDS National Voice: Programme announcements! It has been a busy week for SDSS, we have been working on updating our programme for the #SDSnationalvoice  We have lot of exciting content confirmed and even more will be announced next week! Confirmed Speakers.  Jess Wade, Manager, Self Directed Support Scotland. Karen Geekie, Scottish Government SDS Policy Team. Professor Kirsten Rummery,Stirling University– The ...

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Review of Independent Information and Support has now been published.

February 5, 2018

The newly published Research Findings (‘Review of Independent Information and Support Services’) by Craigforth social researchers on the independent support provided by organisations funded through Support in the Right Direction, found strong evidence that independent support plays a key role in the delivery of social care, and that without it many people would have struggled ...

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Breaking News: SDS SIRD2021 Fund Now Open.

February 2, 2018

Breaking News – Self Directed Support SiRD2021 Fund Now Open for Applications: The new Support in the Right Direction Fund (SiRD2021) is open for applications as of today, 5th February. The deadline for applying is 12pm (midday) on Tuesday 3 April 2018. The application process is being managed by Inspiring Scotland and you can get information on ...

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Administration of Medication Event: Guidelines for PAs

January 25, 2018

  Personal Assistants may often be supporting people to take or manage their medication. This can be from the beginning of a support arrangement or be something that comes up after a period of ill health. This event is an opportunity to discuss the idea of creating Guidelines that would support PAs and their employers regarding the ...

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New SDS SIRD Fund opens 5th Feb 2018!

January 24, 2018

 The Scottish Government has announced the opening date for the new round of ‘Support in the Right Direction’ funding, SIRD2021. This fund is aimed at organisations providing Independent Information and Support for people trying to access and make best use of the funding they receive under Self Directed Support. The funding will be for 2 and ...

Self Selected Support Scotland

Free Disability Equality Training for SDSS Members

January 15, 2018

SDSS are looking to run Disability Equality Training for any members that would like to attend. This is different from Awareness Training. Disability Equality training is designed and delivered by disabled people and covers four fundamental elements: Models of Disability, which explores frameworks for understanding disability; Language of Disability, which explores why language is important and identifies some ...

Access to Employment and the use of SDS

January 15, 2018

SDS – Access to Employment Learning Event The Scottish Union of Supported Employment (SUSE) undertook a survey into Employment and Self Directed Support late last year. Following on from this, and the 3 year project they have been running called ‘Access to Employment’ SUSE are now holding a discussion event to further look at employment and SDS. Who: ...

Personal Assistant (PA) Survey

December 15, 2017

Personal Assistant (PA) Survey by Strathclyde University Strathclyde University are undertaking a survey to look at the experience of working as a Personal Assistant in Scotland, as well as how the role of a PA can support innovation and achieving the Personal Outcomes that are important to the PA Employer. The survey is based on a tool ...

SDS 2017 Reflections- Jess Wade, SDSS Manager.

December 15, 2017

2017 has been a busy one for us, and no doubt you too, and we hope it has also been productive for you! Reflecting on the year and SDS 2017 we have had a very successful AGM in October, and welcomed two new Trustees, Ged Thompson (DICE) and Joanne McGee (Take Ctrl East Dunbartonshire), to our Management ...

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PAssport to Independent Living – Self Directed Support – our lives, our choices

December 15, 2017

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL), the PA Network Scotland and SSSC worked together on producing the ‘PAssport to Independent Living’ book, highlighting the work that PAs do and the relationship they have with their employers and Self Directed Support. This is a collection of stories that shines a light on a very special partnership. The relationship between a ...

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The SUSE Survey on SDS and Employment

December 15, 2017

SUSE run an employability project called ‘Access to Employment’ which gives people an individual budget that they can use to support them with their employment goals. As part of this project, they would like to understand the barriers that people may face if they have an individual budget and want to get a paid job, undertake ...

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Consultation on SDS Funding for Independent Support across Scotland

December 14, 2017

The Scottish Government will be opening a new fund to support the development Self Directed Support aimed at Independent Information and Support organisations across Scotland. Before this fund is available, the Scottish Government would like to know what people’s views are on the parameters for the fund. Currently, there has been 3 consultation events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and ...

Self Directed Support Scotland AGM 2017: a bridge from Policy to Practice

Members Deliver SDS Implementation Solutions at SDSS AGM 2017

November 27, 2017

  A huge thank you to all who joined us for our AGM in October, which already seems some way away now! It was fantastic to have so many members involved throughout the day, and we found it really useful to get feedback from all of you on some of the key issues facing us all at ...

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MECOPP: Factsheets on SDS

November 23, 2017

MECOPP have produced some new Factsheets on Self-directed Support, which are useful for anyone giving information and support to people on SDS. The Factsheets cover: FACTSHEET: Guide to Self-directed Support FACTSHEET: Assistance and capacity FACTSHEET: When things go wrong with direct payments FACTSHEET: Employment of a family member as a personal assistant FACTSHEET: The duties and powers given to the ...

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Targets and Indicators for Health and Social Care Services in Scotland

November 23, 2017

Professor Sir Harry Burns’ report into the use of targets and indicators in Scotland – out now! Former Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns has carried out an independent national review into targets and indicators for health and social care. The review considered how targets and performance indicators can lead to the best outcomes for people ...

Data Protection: Get Yourself Ready for April 2018

November 23, 2017

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 12 Steps to take now The Information Commissioners Office has created a Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which helps explain the provisions of the GDPR and how organisations can comply with the requirements of the legislation. This is for those people who have day-to-day responsibility ...

The Scottish Government

The Future of Support in the Right Direction Funding – Consultation now open!

November 3, 2017

The Future of SIRD – Consultation now open! Dear all You will be aware that the Minister for Cabinet for Health and Sport announced that, in addition to a 6 month extension for currently funded Support in the Right Direction projects, Scottish Government would engage in a collaborative process to design the next round of the Support ...

Self Directed Support Scotland AGM 2017: a bridge from Policy to Practice

Self Directed Support Scotland AGM 2017: a bridge from policy to practice

October 13, 2017

Self Directed Support Scotland’s 2017 AGM, open to our membership and emerging members, is a short, highly focussed and interactive event aiming to deliver real solutions to members’ issues in converting SDS policy to practice. The programme includes: Your views represented, what SDS Scotland is doing for you – Florence Garabedian, SDSS Chair What’s next in SDS ...

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Free e-learning on Welfare Reform and Universal Credit

October 9, 2017

With the ongoing rollout of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and the new Universal Credit (UC) later this year, there is more information for people working in the voluntary sector to be aware of. Universal Credit in particular is already drawing concerns about the possible impact that this might have upon disabled people income. Therefore, it ...

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Applying SDS to Residential Care – your views needed!

September 28, 2017

The Scottish Government funded 2 pilot projects to look at how SDS could be applied to residential care in Scotland. As you will know, under the current SDS legislation, it is not possible to fund someone living in residential care through SDS and the legislation is not being applied in this area. However, as the residential ...

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Free Personal and Nursing Care for all in Scotland! (April 2019)

September 28, 2017

The much promised feasibility study into extending free personal care to under 65s has been published: Following publication of the above, the First Minister has announced that “Scottish Government will start the work to fully implement Frank’s Law” (the campaign which began as a call for free personal care for under 65s who have dementia) The ...

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Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance resources: Advocacy Map and Human Rights Approach

September 8, 2017

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) has recently published 2 new reports. The Advocacy Map gives a detailed breakdown of the funding and Advocacy services that are being delivered across Scotland and the challenges with this. This should be of real interest to anyone from an Independent Support organisation – to show how Local Authority ...

Audit Scotland Self Directed Support progress report

Audit Scotland SDS Report – So, what now?

September 7, 2017

Members will, no doubt, be well aware that the Audit Scotland SDS: 2017 Progress Report was released last week. If you’ve not yet had the chance to read it, or even if you have, perhaps you would like to hear our take? Our Chair, Florence Garabedian, has commented on the report in Third Force News, saying: ‘the major ...

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Scotland Against the Care Tax Campaign: Daily Record support!

August 29, 2017

Scotland Against the Care Tax: now a Daily Record Campaign! Scotland Against the Care Tax has been campaigning to abolish care charges for Social Care in Scotland for some time. Now the Daily Record has started campaigning for their abolition by using case studies to illustrate the injustice of this tax. As an active member of Scotland ...

Shared Ambition

Shared Ambition for Social Care Event: 1 Year On – Whats Happened?

August 29, 2017

An Event looking at the development of the Shared Ambition for Social Care The Shared Ambition for Social Care document was written by a range of disabled people’s organisations to support Independent Living in Scotland. One year on, the event will look at what has happened and what needs to happen in the future. You can see ...

The Scottish Government

New Carers Act for 2018 – Give views on the Draft Regulations and Carers Charter

August 11, 2017

New Carers Act for 1st April 2018 – have your say on the Draft Regulations and Carers Charter The new Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 will come into force on 1st April 2018. To be ready for this, the Scottish Government are asking people for their views on the the Regulations and the Carers Charter. There are ...

Away and PLAY!

Inspiring Scotland Survey on Accessible Play for Children

August 11, 2017

Inspiring Scotland Surveys on Accessible Play for Children with additional support needs Inspiring Scotland Go2Play colleagues are commissioning researcher Theresa Casey to write a guide to developing inclusive play spaces. As part of her research she is conducting two short surveys. What makes play areas accessible and inclusive? Two short surveys. This survey is for families with children ...

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Updated Information for PA Employers – PA pay rates

August 1, 2017

At SDSS we know that the world of PA employment is always changing, so here is a round up of a few key recent developments: The Living Wage Increase: In May 2017, the Living Wage went up to £8.45 per hour. Should I pay my PA the Living Wage? The Scottish Government and Local Government have jointly committed to ...

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Get Legal Advice on Self Directed Support: new service available

July 26, 2017

Three years since the Social Care (Self-directed Support)(Scotland) Act 2013 came in to force, evidence highlights that policy and practice remain inconsistent across Scotland, limiting the potential of Self Directed Support to transform lives. Complex procedures, reductions in Local Authority funding, lack of access to independent advocacy and Independent Support can all prevent people from ...

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New Research into PA Relationships: Positive but there can be challenges

July 26, 2017

This study aims to understand the relationships of power, ethics and emotions which underlie the PA model, by gathering and analysing qualitative data. The project looked at what made a good PA relationship, how it can go wrong, and how to maximise good employment relationships. Most importantly, the research addresses the key question of how disabled people ...

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Working out the cost of Social Care: New Template

July 20, 2017

  For anyone who is keen to learn more about the implementation of the National Living Wage in Social Care, this Component rate for Social Care template is for you! You might be advising or supporting someone to work out what funding they need as an employer of personal assistants for example or you could be ...

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SDS Report Blasts SDS Implementation: SDS Not Working as Intended

July 20, 2017

Self-Directed Support: Your Choice, Your Right – The Centre for Welfare Reform: The Self Directed Support Your choice Your Right publication comes up with a clear, straightforward assessment of the current state of SDS implementation. This is required reading for anyone working in Social Care currently. Their conclusions and recommendations are stark: The Scottish Government should ensure that ...

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Scottish Government ‘Data under Development’ report (2015-16): No major improvement in SDS Implementation

July 19, 2017

The Headlines: SDS Implementation rate has risen on average from 20% to 27% 73% of people receiving social care were not given a choice about the support they are entitled to Local Authorities failing in their legal duties to 73% of people receiving support Major change required to ensure SDS will be fully implemented by Local Authorities The Scottish Governments ...

Rights to Care Booklet

Rights to Care Booklet for Children and Young People

June 29, 2017

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland (CYPCS) have produced a really useful booklet Rights to Care that describes the rights of people leaving care, in relation to ‘Continuing Care’ and ‘Aftercare’. This has important connections to Self-directed Support for those leaving care. In 2014, the Scottish Government passed a law that made some important changes for young people ...

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the ALLIANCE: Personal experiences of Self Directed Support Report.

June 29, 2017

The Health and Social Care Alliance published a Report on personal experiences of Self-directed Support research that they undertook from October to December 2016. The research included a review of more recent publications and reports into the implementation and development of Self Directed Support, as well as an online survey for people using and managing Self ...

Your Support Your Choice SDS Booklet: Dundee Carers Centre

June 29, 2017

  Dundee Carers Centre have developed an easy read booklet on Self Directed Support which outlines in a clear and concise way what SDS is and how it works. It is generic information that covers any part of Scotland – so it doesn’t matter which Local Authority area that you are in – the information is ...

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Lost in Translation: Making Self-directed Support work for BME Communities

January 10, 2017

Lost in Translation: Making Self-directed Support work for BME Communities aims to help practitioners who support people from BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) communities who may be assessed as eligible for social care support from their local authority. The individual and group exercises, case studies, quizzes, and strength based models in the toolkit have been ...

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Press Release 07/12/2016 – Scotland should end the Care Tax

December 7, 2016

The campaign group, Scotland Against the Care Tax (SACT), calls on the Scottish Government to end charging people a financial contribution towards their social care. It comes as former leader for the Scottish Labour Party brings a motion before the Scottish Parliament today that will debate the principle and practice of charging people for essential ...

Text reads 'Our shared ambition for the future of social care support in Scotland' alongside illustration of orange tree with handprints at the end of each branch

Shared Ambition for the future of social care in Scotland

July 27, 2016

Scotland’s social care support system increasingly risks cracking under the strain, as demand rises and funding fails to keep pace, to the potential detriment of thousands of disabled people and their families. Responding to these concerns, today (Wednesday 27 July) sees the launch of a Statement of Ambition on the future for social care, along with ...